You've found New With Tags, an (obvs) NSFW story that I used to write on a different website.  I wrote in secret, sort of, not telling many people that I knew about it BUT, then it grew to over 50,000 post reads every month and I realized that I was on to something..  With all of the changes life has brought over the last year or so, I've since developed a much different attitude and decided to stop hiding.  

I started writing NWT as kind of an experiment.  I'd written the screenplay and then one day, I literally stumbled upon a work of fiction, written out in episode style in the pages of Cosmo.  The long term plan is to produce this story as a webseries and I got excited about the idea of growing an audience of readers.  

This is an 18 and UP kind of a story due to occasional adult language and other adult content.  I like romance and happy endings and that's, for the most part, what you'll find here.  There are 150 "episodes" and the story is completely written so there will be plenty more to come.  

If you're here from the previous site, you'll see all of the episodes you've already read but new stuff is on the way as soon as all of the old episodes are posted.   MAKE SURE YOU START AT EPISODE 1!

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Caroline Davison is a celebrity fitness star. Before the age of 30, she had built an empire, amassed a small fortune, and had loyal friends and fans. Whatever goals she sets for herself, she had attains and surpasses. She rarely allows a romantic relationship to progress beyond a few dates. She knows she'll find "him" someday.
Dr. Nathan Dorough, is a young cardio-thoracic surgeon. Born into a large family, he never wanted for love or attention. Married to his work, he remains blissfully unaware that there is something more to life than his career. An unusual commonality brings them together and that is how this blog begins.
New With Tags is a blog adaptation of the full script. This is a fun opportunity to develop each character and expand the story.