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Episode 8 ~ Carrie’s Secret

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Nate had been awake for a good 20 hours and on his feet in surgery for the last 6.  He couldn’t imagine a better way to round out the day than with his gloved hands inside someone’s chest cavity.  He’d just finished a successful and relatively textbook heart transplant,   “Come on, baby,” he coaxed.  “Come, on.”  He lightly tapped the heart with the tip of his gloved finger as if to give it a little encouragement.   On cue, the heart began to pink and began, once again, to beat.

“I never get tired of that,” he said, sounding like a ten-year-old who had  just gotten a bike for Christmas.  This was a high like nothing else, and Nate Dorough was a junkie.

“Close her up,” he said to resident Gabriel Atwater and then,” I’m meeting Ethan for a beer, you wanna come?”

“Nah, man, I gotta date with a 2nd year in derm, Gabe bragged.

“I’ll never figure out how you get so much play, dude.  You’re not that good looking,” Nate teased.

A bit later they walked out of the O.R., and removed their gowns, gloves, and shoe covers, and disposing all surgical attire to bio-hazard containers and laundry receptacles.

“You gotta play the whole ‘I’m-a-cardiothoracic-surgeon-and-I-save-little-bitty-babies-card.”

“I’ll try to remember that one,” Nate laughed.

“Well, now that you’re a free man…” Gabe said before noticing Amy Craythorne walk by.  Having overheard, she sent a wounded look at Nate but then hurried away.

“Nice, thank you for that,”  he said annoyed but before getting to respond further, he was alerted by a beeping sound from a nearby room.  “Go, talk to the family please, I’ll be right there.” and  Nate rushed into the room.

“Lauren, Lauren.  It’s Dr. Nate.  You’re fine sweetie.”  he soothed his 9-year-old patient and then to another resident, “Find her mother. And get someone, please,  to call my brother.  Tell him…tell him I’ll see him at breakfast.”

After the gym, Legacy and Carrie headed towards Carrie’s apartment. It was still cold, in the 40's but as long as they were dressed for it, they loved it.  Raised in the mountains, this was a piece of cake.  And in 12 years since moving to the city, the glamour had not worn off for either of them.  Walking past the hospital, they stopped to allow an ambulance to exit into the street.  Carrie was quiet as she took in the surroundings she saw every day only she was suddenly feeling like she had the first time her dad had brought her and Legacy here for the weekend for her 12th birthday.  He brought them to the city often, and they planned to move here after high school.  This place, of all places, was full of possibility.  It’s why they were here.  It’s why they left little old Martinsburg, WVA.

“Where are you?” Legacy asked.  “Are you thinking about this..still?”

“No, actually, finally no.  I’m sorry.  I know you’ve got to be bored with my whining.” Carrie said apologetic.

“ I get it.  You’ve got to play this out.”

“I have.  And I have enough perspective for now.  Let’s talk about something else.”

“Oh, yes, please!”  Legacy said clapping her hands in relief.

“Why didn’t you ever go for David? ”  Carrie wondered out loud.

“I don’t know.  Maybe I would have.  You know, you may not love David, but he thinks he loves you.”  Legacy said.

“I don’t really think that’s true.  Okay, it might be, but he’s not “The One” and I’m not his “One” either.  He’s just the only one who never presses the issue,” said Carrie, ” It’s everything I want, right now, and nothing that I don’t.”

“You just got done telling me you want to be in love.  Which is it?”

“I did say that, didn’t I?

“You haven’t gotten to where you are by playing it safe.  “You know, you can’t stay NWT forever.” Legacy said, making a motion like she was ripping the tags from her clothing.

“NWT?”  Carrie asked.

“New with Tags, you know, Mint Condition, never been, ahem, worn.”  Legacy teased.

“You’re a bitch you know that?  But a funny bitch!”  Carrie laughed.

“It’s time.  You’re gonna have to swipe the V-Card sometime.”  Legacy said.

“Quit calling it that.  I know what I’m doing.,” Carrie whined, pretending to be annoyed. 

She had gotten used to the teasing ever since Legacy had “done it” in high school.  “I’m not the only 31-year-old virgin on the planet.  It’s more common that you think  I Googled it.”

“Of course, you did, and I’m sure it is.  There’s you and a bunch of librarians with hair nets and lots of cats.”

“Yeah, well... I hate cats,” Carrie said scrunching up her nose.  They both laughed, thinking back to the grossness of the strays that gotten it on in Carrie’s car.

Legacy meowed loudly and argued," “It’s not that big of a deal.” 

“It must be, or you wouldn’t keep bringing it up!  I waited too long, and I am a little scared.  In high school, when everyone else seemed to be doing it, no one liked me.  And I promised my mom.  I know that sounds stupid, but she’d be mortified if I gave it up to David knowing that it’s not…forever.”

“See that’s your problem.  You’ve got it so built up in your head, and I just don’t want you disappointed.  There is no better candidate than, David,”  Legacy was nothing if she wasn’t insistent.

“Candidate?, Candidate?  Are we going to hold an election?”  Carrie said giggling.  “Way to suck the romance right out of it.  Look, it’s okay that you can’t relate to this.  It’s easy for me.  When you were all getting your cherries popped, I felt left out, but that was forever ago.  It’s not like I’m missing anything special.”

“How do you know?”  Legacy challenged.

“Nutella.” insisted Carrie, as if that one-word answer made any sense.


“I’ve never had Nutella either and from what I hear, there’s crack or something in it.  But, it doesn’t hurt me because I don’t know what I am missing.  Therefore, it’s easy to stay away from, uh, Nutella.”

“Hmm, therefore.”  Legacy agreed.  “Okay, fine, I’ll drop it, for now.”  but then instead of dropping it, she shouted, ” Oooh, ooh, we could do another reality show, like The Bachelor only with sex.”

“Sooo, exactly like the Bachelor? ” Carrie laughed.  ”How about, All the Way Idol?”

“Amazing Chaste,” Legacy howled.

“This could get stupid, Carrie said gripping her sides.  “I got it!   Okay,  she paused for effect.  ‘At Your Cervix’  Get it?”  She laughed at her own clever joke.

“You’re stupid and gross.”

“I’m gross?  I’ve got two words for you.  Rex Mason.  How was it?”  Carrie asked.  It felt good to be sparring over stupid things with Legacy again.

“I don’t remember; that’s the point.  Get it over with.  If you’re waiting for this perfect, cosmic event or something; it just doesn’t happen like that.  Besides, David is just way to sexable to let him go to waste.”

“If you say so,” Carrie laughed snorting and then more seriously,” I want to remember the whole thing and I promised my mom.  Also, sexable is not a word”

“Well, all joking aside, she’d be proud of you,” Legacy said soberly, “don’t listen to me.”

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