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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 5 ~ This Isn’t Happening

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Amy excused herself to the ladies room, leaving Nate to sip his wine.  When she returned, the waiter was there to take their order.  She’d obviously been crying.  Her eyes red, she started to sit but then stood again.  She walked a few steps, returned to the table and picking up the box from the table; she hurled it at Nate, hitting him in the forehead.

Amy was shrieking.  Her voice so shrill she barely recognized it as her own.  “You’re never going to marry me are you?  Do you want me at all?“

Blindsided, Nate just sat, blinking, searching for something to say.

“Well? ” She demanded.  “Nate!”

“Amy, sit down.” His voice was calm like he was trying to soothe a hysterical patient. It backfired making her even angrier.  “Please, sit down.  Will you simmer down, please?”  This last statement was by far the dumbest thing he’d ever said to a woman, and he made a mental note to light himself on fire the next time he even came close to saying something so idiotic.   It would be quicker and a lot less painful.

“Four years, Nate!  I’ve waited…”  She was irate; she was screaming.  People were staring.  She didn’t care.  Let them.  The restaurant, the street, the diners, everything, swirled around her in a red haze.  She had actually had it.

“Sit down,” Nate said, quietly but angrily.

“No, I will not sit down.  I’ve waited and for what?  Just when I think you are finally ready, you…”

“Ok, I’ll get the check.  If you will just…”  Nate was trying, he really was.

“I’m not going anywhere with you.,” She seethed, “I’m finished.  Really, Nathan, I am done.  Don’t ever speak to me.”

And with that, she stormed through the restaurant and out onto the street and jumped into a waiting cab.  The waiter approached the table carefully, picked up the box from the floor and handed it to Nate.  Bewildered, he reached quietly for Amy’s untouched wine and took a sip.  He sat for a long while feeling, well he wasn’t sure what he was feeling.  Shell-shocked, to say the least.  Nate knew he’d be angry when it finally wore off.  But, the anger never actually came.  He finished the wine and thought over the last four years since he and Amy had met.  He cared for her, deeply.  She was smart and funny.  When they had time together, they had a good time.  His family, his twin brother, included, weren’t particular fans, but they hadn’t really gotten to know her.  Work made it tough and residency was stressful.  She wasn’t always at her best, but he knew what a sweet person she could be.  He was sad.  Was that it or maybe just exhausted?  He decided to walk for a bit before catching the train home.

At home, he showered and crawled into bed. He lay for a long while, staring at the ceiling.  The city, it seemed, was remarkably quiet.  He drifted off, and as his body made that one final ‘twitch’ before succumbing to deep rest, his eyes flew opened.  Relief!  That was what he felt.  He was relieved.  After four years, under the surface of their entire relationship, he thought, was just more surface.  He was sorry for how it all went down but otherwise, it hadn’t really hurt.   Quickly, he fell into a deep sleep.

He didn’t have any idea what time it was when he was awoken by a loud bang.  Jumping to his feet, disoriented, Nate instinctively reached for his phone.  The banging was louder the second time.  No, it was not his phone, and he was not on call.

“Nate, let me in.” It was Amy and she was crying. Sighing, he opened the door and silently stepped back to let her in.

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