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Episode 3~ Her Side of the Story

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Dr. Amy Craythorne walked through the corridors at Manhattan Trinity Hospital where she was a resident. She carried a large bouquet of roses and paused near the nurse’s station to get a glimpse of the TV. Nurse Ashleigh Cabrey looked up, noticing the flowers.

“Those are gorgeous! Dr. Dorough nailing once again!”

“I know,” said Amy giggling and then motioning to the TV, “Have you seen this crap?”

Caroline Davison was on screen, sitting with her lawyer and journalist Mark Durrant. Finally, no longer under a gag order, Caroline was able to tell her side of the story. Her lawyer, Jennifer Martinez, speaks on her behalf. “It’s a sad, sad situation but the flat reality is that this was an individual who was very overweight, insulin dependent, and according to her doctor and her daughter, she was non-compliant with her doctor’s instructions. The fact that she collapsed during any one of my client’s workouts is not surprising, and this workout was specifically formatted for experienced individuals.”

Mark Durrant turned to Caroline. "It must be a relief that this is over, finally.”

“Sure… No, not a relief, exactly.” Carrie thought for a second, “I’m grateful that we all can move on. This family lost a wife and a mother. And…grief can come out in all kinds of ways. I lost my mother when I was very young and I feel for them and hope that this family can find some way of reconciling their loss. I wasn’t at fault, thankfully the jury agreed, and I hold no grudges.”

Amy shakes her head. “Use some sense people.”

Ashleigh nodded in agreement. “It’s crazy. And that girl seems so nice too.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Amy, “but she’s a damn genius. She got me from a size 10 to a 6 before our vacation last year. Look at my ass!”

Ashleigh laughed,” Take your cute ass and get out of here. And have some fun with your cute boyfriend!” she shouted as the elevator doors closed on Amy.

Twenty minutes before the interview aired, Legacy entered the room with two bottles of red wine and no glasses. By the time the interview began, the bottles were nearly empty, they’d polished off a deep dish pizza (though neither of them ever ate carbs), and were roaring with laughter over the time in high school that two cats had gotten trapped in Carrie’s car and humped while they watched. They’d pondered how the cats knew how to do that. With the number of stories they had, it was a wonder how that particular story had come up. Legacy’s very accurate impression of a cat in heat was cut off by the voice of Jennifer Martinez.

“Shhh, turn it up,” Carrie hushed and then turned the volume up herself and then quickly crawled under the covers in case she needed to hide. The interview itself went pretty well. True to form, Carrie came across as poised, collected, and compassionate; nothing like the three gallons of crazy in a two-gallon bucket that sat in their hotel room. Mark had pretty well stayed to the questions and Carrie got her say. As the interview came to a close, their phones both began to go off with notifications. Tweets and shares and likes, the whole Caroline Davison universe was chattering. It went on for maybe an hour, mostly messages of support… mostly. It took an hour, almost to the second and then every now and then there’d be a random ding. They quit reading them after awhile and then, they either passed out drunk and didn’t hear them or they legitimately just died.

By morning, a college basketball player was found drugged out of his mind and drooling in a Vegas elevator. For better or worse, Carrie’s story was no longer interesting.

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