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Episode 36 ~ The Bio Fam

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

“Hello, Caroline Davison’s phone.  This is her assistant,  Ayla speaking.,” Carrie’s sister oozed in her best professional voice.  The girls were sitting in Ayla’s room, Carrie with a flatiron in her hand, styling her sister’s hair when the phone rang.

“Give me that.” She said snatching her phone.  “Hello?”

“Hey, who was that?,” she heard Nathan laugh on the other end of the line.

“My sister, who thinks she’s cute!,” Carrie said crossing her eyes at Ayla.  “How are you?”

“I’m good, I won’t keep you.  I just wanted to say hi aaaaand that  I’m looking forward to seeing you.,” he admitted.  He’d completely given up on even attempting to play it cool.  He was bad at it and she pretty much had him figured anyway.

“Me too, and I’ve got a few minutes.  We’re going to dinner but Aidan’s doing homework.,” she said.

“Damn it!,” Aiden called out, from the kitchen, at no one in particular.

“Language!,” their mother, Sarah called back.

“What’s wrong A?,” Carrie asked.

“The damn Krebs’ Cycle, that’s what!,” he grumbled, his agitation increasing.

To Nathan she asked, “Did I tell you my brother is pre-med?”

“No, you didn’t.,” he replied sounding pleased,  “Good for him.”

“He’s pissin’ and moaning about something called the Crab Cycle.,” she told him.

Nathan laughed, “It’s the Kreb’s Cycle., named after a guy named Hans Adolf Krebs,” He pronounced his name with a weak but terribly cute attempt at a German accent.

“Yeah, well, your friend Adolf is making us late for dinner.  I’m getting hangry,” Carrie intoned, feigning annoyance.

“Put your brother on the phone.,” Nathan said, insistent.

“Really?,” she questioned.

“Yes, I can have you out the door in 20 minutes.,” he asserted.

“Um, okay,” Carrie walked through the house to Aidan who was pouring over a book and a diagram and handed him the phone. “It’s for you.,” she offered, shrugging at Aidan.

“Hello?,” Aidan chimed, sounding a little suspicious.

“Hey, Nathan started,  “I’m Nate, a uh, friend of Carrie’s.  Hey, ask her if she’s got Facetime.”

“She does.,” Aidan confirmed, still with the suspicion.  Who was this guy?

“Ok, hang on.,”  Nathan switched to a Facetime call. “Can you see me?”

“Yep.” Aiden piped a one word answer.

Nathan was walking up the stairs in his house, into his office.  He sat down at his desk, rifled around and finally pulled out a little white board and launched into teacher mode.  Ayla creeped into the room, took a quick peek and  ran to living room and turned on a movie.  Carrie joined her and  Aidan’s conversation with Nathan is became muffled.

“He’s so cute.,”Ayla batted her eyes.

“I know. Carrie acknowledged biting her lip, “ And he’s a doctor.  That’s neat right?”

“Totally.  Is he your boyfriend?” Ayla wanted to know.  She wanted to be just like Carrie and she admired everything her big sister did.

“Well, technically tomorrow is our first official date.  I only met him a few days ago but I think he’s…great.” Carrie admitted, flushing.

“You just blushed.,” Ayla giggled.

“I did not,” Carrie insisted but she could feel the heat in her face.  Ayla hit her with a throw pillow so Carrie grabbed one from the chair and launched her own attack.  Ayla stood to pound her sister over the head and wobbled, nearly toppling over.

“Whoa,” she yelped, reaching for the sofa and leaning over it.  Carrie jumped to her side, panicking.  It’s what she did.  Every time the girl so much as sneezed, Carrie was in full anxiety mode.

‘What happened,” Carrie demanded.  Ayla sat, holding Carrie’s hand and when she didn’t answer, Carrie said again, louder, “What happened?”

“Nothing,” Ayla assured, a little breathless,  “I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine’” she said with concern.  “I’m getting mom.”

“Ayla yelled, “I am fine, Caroline.  I’m starving.  I didn’t eat lunch and I got dizzy.  Whatever.  It’s no big deal.”

“How long has this been happening?,” Carrie refused to relent.

“It’s hasn’t been,” Ayla argued.  “I promise.  You can’t worry about every little thing.“

Carrie knew she was right.

Ayla lived a very normal, pretty healthy life.  She was a cheerleader and her parents had even let her get a job that year, which Carrie thought was dumb.  Ayla didn’t need a job but she did it just because her friends had jobs.  Carrie had bought Ayla a new Jetta for her birthday the year before and paid the insurance and everything.  No one quite understood why she doted on her siblings, both of them, the way she did, especially not Aidan and Ayla. Her brother and sister had no idea what their parents had done to bring Carrie into the world.

Her biological family, she knew, felt indebted to her for the gift of life she’d given to save Ayla’s life.  But what her siblings didn’t know, was how close Sarah had been to being forced to have an abortion by her mother.  Sarah and Rick went to great lengths to make sure she was born and then made tough choice to give her up.  Her parents used to tell her the story about how she’d become theirs starting when she was very little.  She’d always known she was adopted.  They’d tell her, “You were made on accident and brought into the world on purpose by 4 people who love you more than anything else in the world.”

Laughter echoed from the kitchen.

“Dude, you’re freaking awesome!,” Aiden hooted.

Carrie walked walked into the kitchen and leaning over Aiden, retrieved her phone, getting a good look for the first time in days at her handsome new…whatever he was.  His office looked like she’d have expected.  Book shelves behind him, a clean desk with maybe a few papers out of place.  A pair of glasses.  She pictured him in glasses, hair slightly tousled, maybe reading a book or something cerebral.  Yum! And Sigh!

“You didn’t have to do that.,” she said, genuinely touched.  “Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure.,” Nathan said winking.

He was happy to see her face.  She wore barely any makeup, unlike the night they’d met.  She looked sweet and he was more impatient than ever to see her.

“Well, it really was so nice of you.,” she insisted.  Her heart flip-flopped.

“You’re grateful then?,” he teased.

“Yes,” she laughed loudly.

“That bodes well for me.  One in the plus column for Nate!,” he flashed that perfect smile.  That smile, she was sure, had magic powers.

“Hey, go to dinner with your family.  I’d love to monopolize you but I know you’re time is limited.  Let me know when you’re back safe?” he asked.

“I will.  Thank you, again, Nathan.”

NAY-thin.  Grrrr! Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough, he thought.

To her, he said,“Go have fun.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“K, bye.,” Carrie blushed, forgetting Ayla’s little spell or her gnawing hunger.  “See you tomorrow.”

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