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Episode 35~ Fall…If It Feels Good

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

“I thought this week would be harder than this.  It was a lot worse in my head.,” , Ethan, remarked sadly.

Nathan, Ethan, Kevin, and Erin sat at their favorite table at Saleté.  They did brunch together as often as once a week but it was rare that all four of them could make it happen at the same time.  This week was special.  Ethan was to have married Brooke, the love of his life,  and as such they all had the week off.  Sadly, rather than celebrating their nuptials, they gathered together to walk Ethan through a really difficult week.

“You are going to be okay.,” Erin said, placing her hand on top of Ethan’s.  She adored her little brothers and the ache in her heart for him was deep.

“I will.,” Ethan said with certainty.  “I’ve been dreading this week, and our wedding day like somehow it would be worse than any other day without her.”

“You don’t know how strong you really are.  I know you don’t feel that way but she’d be proud of how you’ve tried to go on.  I love you.” Nate smiled, his latest conversation with Amy forgotten.  This was real pain, real love.

“I know.  And there are days I just don’t want to go on.,” Ethan admitted.

“What the hell, man. Don’t say that! ” Kevin shouted.

“No, I didn’t mean… I just mean that I don’t have a choice but to continue without her.  If I could I’d stay in some imaginary place in my head and pretend that none of this is real.” Ethan moped.

“We’re sorry, little brother.  We all wish this wasn’t real.  We loved her.,” Kevin reminded him.

Nathan’s phone whistled with an Instagram notification.  He had FOLLOWED Carrie on his way over to the restaurant.   She’d posted a few pictures of herself with a kid who was obviously her sister, they looked so much alike and a shaggy-haired 20 something boy, her brother he presumed given the headlock she had him in.  He smiled but quickly returned to the conversation.

“I know,” Ethan continued and it helps that you loved her too.”

Nathan’s phone whistled again.

“What’s up with you? ” Ethan asked.

“Nothing.  I’m listening., “he said sheepishly.  He was listening.

“No, you’re not.  Something is up.  Give me your phone.,” Erin demanded.

“There is nothing up, “Nathan insisted.  He didn’t want to talk about it.  Not because he didn’t want to talk about it but it didn’t seem like the right time.  He put his phone in his pocket and returned to the conversation.

“You talk to her mom and dad this week? ” Nathan asked.

“Yeah, they’re hanging in there.  Brooke’s sister had another baby so that helps I guess.,” Ethan said.

‘It’s a happy distraction,”Erin stated.

Nathan’s phone whistled again and he pulled it from his pocket.  “Sorry, I’ll silence it.” He apologized but he glanced at it first and blushed when he did.  Carrie had posted a collage of her doing sexy yoga poses under at a place called The Jax Beach Pier.  He tried to play it off and put the phone away but he was busted.  Kevin snatched the phone before Nathan could close his app. He scrolled through her pictures, whistling and grunting.

“Mmmm, yes, Caroline Davison, she’s a stiffener.”  Kevin tilted his head and grunted some more.

“Quit, give me my phone.,” Nathan yelled sounding a bit like he had when they were kids and Kevin would tease him and hold his toys over his head.  “Give it!” he demanded loudly.

“You’re acting weird.  Why are you so fascinated with her all of a sudden?  It’s not like you.” Erin inquired.

“I’m not.  I, I, okay I have a date with her.  Alright? ” Nathan admitted.

“You do not. You liar!”Kevin teased.

“Why would he lie? ” Ethan defended his twin.  “How, do you have a date with her?  That’s my question.”

“I asked.,” Nathan stated, offering no further explanation.

“Oh, nuh-uh.,” Erin laughed.  “Can I get a judge’s ruling?”

Ethan, Kevin, And Erin all three made a simultaneous X with their arms and made the Family Feud, “Eeeehhh.” Loud enough for other diners to hear.

“Not an acceptable answer.,” Erin insisted.  “ You have to give us more than that.”

“No, I don’t., Nathan refused.  “We are here to support E, not talk about my...,” he paused.

“Your what,”Kevin chided singing,”your girlfriend.  Oooh, Nate has a girlfriend.”

Nathan snatched his phone and shot Kevin a dirty look that meant “not now” but Kevin didn’t seem to get it.

“Yes,” Ethan chimed in, “Can we get back to me and my needs.”

“Yes,” Nathan agreed.  “Whatever you need, we’re here.”

“Good, because what I need is a little happy distraction,” Ethan teased, quoting Erin from just a minute before.  “Spill it!”

“Fine,” Nathan laughed, secretly glad to have permission to ‘spill.’  “I met her at the Donor Prom.  We hit it off.  She’s amazing and amazingly smart and adorable.  We left together and sat talking all night, like until sunrise.”

“Yeah!” Kevin moaned raising his hand to hi five but was left hanging.

Nathan threw a blueberry at him and said, “Not like that Ass-hat.  We went for breakfast and seriously we talked for hours.”

“Wow!  Wow, Nate, she’s famous.” Erin was impressed.  “I thought she had a boyfriend, he’s on all the talk shows.  He wrote a book or something.”

“They broke up.,” Nathan stated.

He looked back down at the picture and in just under 2 minutes, there were over 400 Likes and 90 comments on just the one post.  And they continued to climb.  Some of the comments were so disgusting, Kevin would have been offended. It made him feel weird.

“Dat Azz tho! Mmm.,” Nathan read out loud.  “Shithead. What does that even mean?”

“Oooh, check you, defending your girl.,” Erin cooed.  “you’re cute.”

“None of my business, I know.  It’s part of how she runs her business.,” Nathan growled. Then decided to post his own comment.

Hey beautiful, send me some sunshine.

“Do you think she likes you? ” Kevin asked, finally serious.

“Yeah, I think so.  We never ran out of stuff to say.  I know it’s like that in the beginning but, I don’t know.  Tell me not to fall for her.”

His phone whistled at him…

@dr.nate.ny ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️💋

and then again….

the_caroline_davison is now following you on Instagram

and once more…

the_caroline_davison liked your photo

He turned his phone around for his siblings to see.  Erin’s jaw dropped and then, Ethan, who’d been mostly silent suddenly piped up., ”Fall,” He said.

“What? ” Nathan asked.

“You said to tell you not to fall and I’m saying if you feel like falling, fall.

If it feels good, don’t talk yourself out of it.  It happens once,” Ethan sighed.

“It’ll only happen the way it did for you once.  But it can happen again, just as good but different.  You were meant to love someone.,” Nathan assured Ethan.

“Yes, Nate, and so are you.,” Erin added.  “E is right.  Fall.”

“And bang her too,” Kevin snorted.

“Gimme a minute and maybe I will.,” Nathan played along.

Kevin made a crass, grade school gesture of sticking his finger into his fist and Nathan hit him hard in the shoulder.

“Ow, damn,” Kevin laughed, “That hurt you, little prick.  I hope she gives you herpes!

Ethan, Erin, and Nathan all ganged up on Kevin, taking turns hitting him over the head and laughing.  Nathan’s phone whistled again.

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