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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 32 ~ I’m Going to Fall for Him

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

“God, it was hot in there.,” Legacy complained as she and Carrie left a conference room in their hotel.  “Look at this, my papers are wet.  Is it always this humid here?”

Carrie laughed at her. Legacy had nailed the presentation but she always got cranky when she was nervous.

“It’s Florida.  And it’s not even summer.  How do these people live? ” Carrie joked.  “Let’s go to the pool!”

“Now, you’re talking!” Legacy chimed in.  They had spent the morning roaming the show, making a few contacts with product reps.  In the early days, Carrie had grown her social media following, well, David had grown in, and they built their first million on sponsorships and infomercials.  Every Instagram “model” with a set of abs did it now but David had always seemed to be able to see what he called “emerging trends” and had gotten them way out ahead early in the game.  And this was how they’d done it.  They did the face to face thing at shows like these.  It was weird here without him.

They let themselves into their room and changed into their swim suits.  “Hey, Carrie look!” Legacy laid down on the bed in her suit.  “My skin matches the bed sheets!”

Sunscreen, white girl! ” Carrie insisted.

“Ugh, a little color would be nice.  No one will believe we’ve been to Florida if we come back looking like polar bears.,” Legacy whined, pretending to be annoyed.

Carrie was already piling on a thick layer of 70 SPF.  Her mom had gotten skin cancer, probably from the tanning beds she used in her pageant days.  In the 80s and 90’s, they were all about the tan.  It had started as a few moles and they thought they’d beat it, then after Carrie had come along, it returned and had metastasized in Catherine’s brain.  The sunscreen argument was not a fight Legacy would win.

“Come on, I’ll treat you to a spray tan later.,” Carrie promised, tossing the tube of sunscreen.

Several minutes later, they were stretching out on lounge chairs, engrossed in conversation, and pretending not to notice the periodic admiring glances.  Legacy’s concerns about her lack of color were forgotten quickly.  This was a tourist town.  The degrees of color ranged from white to lobster with exception to the ethnically blessed.

“I’m just terrified if I turn it down, I miss the chance.” Legacy stated, diving right into business.  “Let’s face it, I'm dreaming so big. And," she sighed defensivel, "athleisure is a thing. I should do it right?"

Legacy, I’m not sure how to even give good advice on this.,” Carrie admitted. "Do it because you want to not because you think you don't have any options."

"I know. I can’t really ask you to do this but I don’t know if they want me without you.,” Legacy complained.

“This is my world.  And maybe that’s what makes me hesitant.  You deserve to succeed on your work, which is brilliant.  You don’t want to make sports bras.  Once you do, then I’m afraid you’ll get stuck.  Don’t give up.  What do they say?  Overnight success takes 10 years?”

“It’s been 10.,” Legacy said, sounding impatient.

“Yeah, but admittedly, the last 10 have been a lot about me.  I’m not sure if I did that or if it just happened.  Or,” Carrie ventured, “it’s been safe.”

“Time to take some risks?”

“Listen, decide what you really want, think big and impractical.  I’ll help you, whatever you need.  You want your own line of fitness apparel, let’s do it, but on our terms.  Not to brag but I’m kind of a big deal.  We don’t need a third party to make this happen.  Your work, my audience, and the David’s voodoo, and you can have it.  But I don’t think this is what you want.” Carrie meant it.  There was nothing she wouldn’t do for Legacy and she was pretty sure the same would be true with David.

“Maybe,”Legacy agreed.  “There is something about it that seems too easy.”

“There will be a time for easy, and it will be the right time.” Carrie insisted.

“Like when we are moms or something and so busy that we’ll want someone else to do the hard stuff?”

“Moms?,” Carrie shifted in her seat. "Sure, cause parenting is easy."

“Yeah, you gonna make babies with Nathan?,” Legacy poked Carrie in the ribs.

“Can we stick to business please., Carrie blushed, and then added, “Is it weird that I think so.  I mean not babies, but you know, the baby making…maybe.”

Oh, great, one date, and you’re spreading your legs for this one.  Suddenly?  Why this one?,” Legacy demanded.

“We haven’t really even had a date.,” Carrie stated.   “Okay, so back to what I was saying.  I’m trying to be objective here.  I’m not ready to be a part of this and if that disappoints you, I’m sorry.  You deserve bigger than this, even if it means waiting.” Carrie assured her friend.

“Waiting?  So are we talking about my designs or the fact that someone worthy has finally approached the Cave of Wonders.,” Legacy smirked.  She’d thought that one up and had waited a long time to use it in conversation.

“Wow, you really worked for that one.  You’re twisted, you know that.  Twisted, sick, and also correct, I’m afraid.” Carrie admitted.

“Okay, I know I’ve been on your case but now I’m all like, you barely know this guy, slow it down.”

Legacy was concerned.  She loved that Carrie was so happy but she wanted her to be safe.  She was suddenly so taken with this new man.  Carrie expected her first time to be all stars and rainbows and if she gave herself too soon and it didn’t work out with him, she’d be badly hurt.

“You are a little Jekyll and Hyde in that way.  And I’m not rushing.  But I already know that there is something about him.  I’m going to tell him, not sure when I’m going to but… It’s like when you moved to town when we were in middle school.  I came over when the movers were there and you were in your garage.  We’ve always said that even though we weren’t best friends then, that we knew right away that we would be.” Carrie said.

“Okay, so it’s like that then.,” Legacy felt better. “Just don’t lose your head.”

“I’m gonna fall for this guy.  I know it.  Am I crazy?”  Carrie asked.  She had that warm feeling in her belly again.  She felt it grow and spread up her throat to her face.

“Possibly.,” Legacy smiled,  “Listen, I know you want someone to love you but really, what are the chances that it’s him?”

“I don’t know.  What are the chances it’ll be anyone?  Probably about the same.  He’s so sweet and a gentleman.  He’s got good lips.’” Carrie sighed.

“Oh no, no, no.  He stuck his tongue in your mouth and now everything he does is brilliant.  Carrie, no.”

“I’m not stupid.  Or blind.  I just like him.  And there was no tongue, remember?” Carrie blushed again.

“Oh, yeah,” Legacy remembered.  “So chill out.  What if he kisses like a Pez Dispenser?” Legacy tipped her head back and stuck her tongue in and out.”

Carrie laughed so hard she snorted, loud.  “he doesn’t!”

“Okay, do yourself a favor.  Wear that little blue jumper, the short lacy one.  It’s sexy but access is challenging.  Also, wear the most horrible pair of underwear you have, your period panties if you have to.”

“What, why?  It’s just a first date.” Carrie shrieked.

“Yes, it is a time-honored practice.   And also, Becky Latham got pregnant on a first date remember?”

“Becky Latham was a slut.  And getting mounted under the bleachers by an exchange student she just met, yeah, that wasn’t a date.,” Carrie scrunched up her nose at the thought.

“Alright, look.  I’m Team Carrie okay.  I’m actually being serious.  Wait.  If you really like him, make him wait.”

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