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Episode 31 ~ If She Were His Girl…

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Carrie woke up around 11:30 to the sounds of Janet Jackson.  Legacy had let herself in and popped in one of Carrie’s mother’s favorite mixed-tapes, as in actual cassette tape.  Catherine Davison had had lots of time on her hands in the last years of her life.  When she was feeling well, she passed the time with a few strange hobbies, including making mixes of her favorite songs with her 5 CD changer and cassette player.  Man, she’d have loved Spotify!  The tapes were one of Carrie’s prized possessions and the best wake-up call ever.

“Hello?,” Legacy sang out., “If I was your girl all the things I do to you…”

“I’m in here,” Carrie called groggily and answered back.  “I’d make you call out my name, I’d ask who it belongs to hoo?”  They’d only ever been allowed to listen to this song because you mostly couldn’t understand the words anyway.  Carrie remembered how they’d giggled and blushed when they discovered what Ms. Jackson was saying.

“I come bearing “human juice” Legacy yelled and then entering Carrie’s bedroom reduced her volume.  “we have to get packed.”

“Ah, instant human, just add coffee., “Carrie mumbled.  “You know I completely forgot we had to leave today.  Sucks!”  She pouted and reached for the coffee. Legacy sat on the bed, extended the coffee and then yanked it back.

“I will trade you caffeinated happiness for details.” She demanded.

“Details are forthcoming anyway; can I still have the coffee?”  Carrie was smiling, dreamily but now on her feet and kicking it to the music.

“Okay, don’t skip anything.” Legacy said as she entered Carrie’s closet and started  throwing items on the bed to piece together.  Carrie was spoiled.  Legacy had an eye that Carrie simply didn’t have so periodically or whenever they had somewhere important to go, Legacy would piece her “looks” together, down to accessories and underwear.  She had forgotten that they had to leave that night for a quick trip to Orlando.  She’d had it in her head that it was tomorrow but since she didn’t go to bed last night, it was tomorrow.  Her days were mixed up.

Carrie detailed her evening and subsequent morning with Nathan, disappointing poor Legacy with the extremely anti-climactic goodbye.

“When are you are going to see him?” Legacy asked, bouncing off the corner of the bed.

“Soon, I hope.  He’s supposed to call this afternoon.”

“I hope he calls before we leave.” Legacy reminded her again, stretching out on Carrie’s bed and curling up on one of her big fluffy pillows.  A lot had changed in the years since they’d met and a lot had stayed exactly the same.  When it came to boys, make-up, shoes, and sex-talk, they were still twelve years old, holed up in Carrie’s bedroom, tearing out pictures in Teen Cosmo and sometimes the grown up Cosmo  if they could get a hold of a copy, planning their fabulous lives.  They were going to be rich and famous.  Carrie would be a fashion model and Legacy a fashion designer that everyone knew but no one could afford.  They’d definitely get married but they didn’t know to whom. It was too cliché to marry rock stars or famous actors.

It didn’t matter.  They’d be successful and brilliant in their own right and any man would just have to have what it took to keep up.  They would live in New York, Manhattan of course and have drivers and maids but they would be very, very nice and not stuck up at all.  As they got older, the fantasy remained though it became much more practical over time.  No matter what, they had always had each other.  This morning looked a lot like a hundred other mornings they’d shared.

“If he doesn’t, I’ll call him,” Carrie replied matter of factly.

“You will not!” Legacy chided.  She was serious.  You didn’t call them, at least not at first.  Not that she knew anything.  She’d hadn’t had a long lasting relationship in a very long time.  But still, rules were rules and the no calling rule was there for a reason.

“I’m a grown-up.,” Carrie insisted.  “I’m allowed to call boys now.  I even have my own phone.”  She stuck out her tongue, totally ignoring Legacy’s warning.

“Oh, Carrie, be careful.  I know you had a nice time but…”

“I don’t want to be careful, not with him.”

“Okay, I don’t know you.  You look like Caroline Davison, my best friend for like ever but you’re putting words together in a really funny way.”

“You weren’t there.  He’s…” she tried to think of a word to make Legacy understand but anything that came to mind would only worry her friend more and make her look crazier.  Nathan was safe and he felt like…hers.  Before she had to explain anything, her phone rang.  She reached for it from the nightstand and saw that it was Nathan.

“It’s him,”she squealed, scrambling to turn the music down.  “Hello?”

Legacy shook her head and smiled.  She had to admit, she liked Carrie this way.  She was jealous, a little, who wouldn’t be, but Carrie, who had always been the sensible one, deserved for once to dive heart first into something, if just for the thrill.  The guy seemed genuine, though most of them did.  But this guy gave off a vibe that was disarming.  Maybe it would work out.

“Hey, there.  It’s Nathan.  Did you get some rest?”  His voice was rich and soothing and Carrie could actually feel warmth pour over her.

“I did.  I actually passed out cold for a few hours.  Did you?” she yawned.

“Not really.  I couldn’t get settled.  Anyway, I wound up having something I needed to handle while I was still near the hospital.” He sounded sleepy.

“I doesn’t end for you does it?” she asked.

Instead of answering he said, “I was thinking that I would love to take you to dinner tomorrow or as soon as you are free.  I have a place in mind.”

“I have to go on a trip with Legacy tonight.  It’s a quick trip but I fly out in a few hours.  I forgot all about it.  But,” she added quickly “we are only gone for a few days.”

He was disappointed but curious.  He hoped there really was a trip.  What if she had changed her mind and was trying to think up an excuse to put him off.  He put the thought aside quickly.  She’d given him no reason to think that she’d toy with him.  He was just twitchy from a lack of sleep and his earlier run in with Amy.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“There’s a sportswear show down in Orlando.   I go about every other year.  It’s not just clothing, it’s fitness and athletic stuff, the largest show in the U.S.  I’ve picked up some sponsorships out of the trip before but this year, there’s a group that wants to talk to us about our own line.  Legacy would get to design it and I’d get to slap my face on the label.  Or at least that was the plan.  I’ve had a little negative P.R. lately so it may not be the right time.,”.  She referred to her lawsuit.

“Well, I haven’t heard anything negative, except for you mentioning it last night.

And this sounds like it could be a big deal?” he said impressed.

“Yes and no.  She’s been waiting for her big break but I’m not sure this is it.  It’s not a discount store but it’s not Nordstrom either.  If she wants to make a name on the runways, this is not the way to go.  And, I am really not sure I want to go there with my career either, not yet.  I’m nervous.  She’s excited and I really don’t want to let her down.” she whispered so Legacy, who was playing dress up with a dress form in Carrie’s closet wouldn’t hear.

“When will you be back?  I took this whole week off so I can go whenever.”  Though, sooner rather than later suited him best.  He was sure he could still smell her on him but that would fade.

“Monday, early, I think around 4 so I can be free that evening.”  She was as eager as he was to get back and spend more time with him.

“Perfect!  I’ll pick you up at 8?  Will that give you enough time?”  He asked.

“It should.” She agreed.  She thought about telling him she could be ready sooner.  She could get ready on the plane, she’d done it before, many times, but decided against it.  This date felt important and she would take her time getting ready.  She’d get a blow-out, have her make-up done,  and take a scented bath that would keep her smelling sweet and sexy the whole evening.  After their all-nighter, he’d seen her “morning-after” look.  She wanted to wow him with the Full-Caroline!

“I can’t wait to see you.” he admitted.

“Where are we going?  So I know what to wear.” She asked.  She had to pick something today before she left and since Legacy was here, she could put it all together.

“Dinner.  Dress comfortably, though.,” he said, not giving her much to go on.

“Comfortable, like snack bar at the bowling alley comfortable?  I need more than that, Nathan,” she sang his name again, the way she had the night before, making his blood tingle and his pants suddenly snug.

“See, now you ruined it.” He teased.  “I was going to really impress you with the deluxe nachos and beer at the bowling alley.  Then I thought we’d make out in my car.”

“Sorry, now you’ll have to come up with something else.,” she giggled.

“That’s all I had.  But I promise I’ll think of something good.,” he smiled, loving how familiar she felt.

“Don’t let me down.,” she feigned serious.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.,” he sighed.   “You know that little dress you had on this morning?  That would be perfect but be prepared to kick your shoes off, get a little comfortable.  Where we are going is really nice but not stuffy.”

“Okay, now I’m curious.,” she said.

“That’s all I’m saying.  Call me from Florida if you feel like it, send me some sunshine.,” he suggested.

“I will.,” she agreed and she meant it.  She didn’t think she could wait until Monday to hear his voice.

They hung up and Nathan finally crawled into his bed.  He’d been awake now for 30 hours.  He’d done it many times but it always caught up to him.  He was spending his evening with Ethan but he could put in a full 8 hours until then.  He lay staring at the ceiling, finally some quiet time to be with his thoughts.   He replayed the greatest hits from the last 24 hours.  Wow, it hadn’t even been 24 hours, more like 18.  19 hours ago, Caroline Davison was a non-entity, not for him anyway.  Now, she was in him.  It was going to kill him to keep this under wraps but for Ethan’s sake, he’d find a way to dial it down.

Carrie, on the other hand, dialed it up to 11 giving Legacy every syllable of her conversations with Nathan and finally admitting that the feelings she was having were terrifying and so very real.   If I was your girl, she thought.  No, I’m already your girl, Nathan Dorough.


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