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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 2~ Obsessing

Updated: Sep 1, 2020


A few minutes later, both girls were seated in massive pedicure chairs. A few minutes after that, with their legs covered in some kind of warm “goop,” Legacy was drifting off casually chatting about their plans for the day. Hearing paper rustle, she instinctively reached over to yank away the journal that Carrie was furiously attacking with whatever was looping through her head.

“Put it away,” Legacy murmured, never opening her eyes. “You are supposed to be relaxing. This is not helping.”

“I am relaxing.’ said Carrie, “This is how I relax.”

You are obsessing”

“I’m obsessively relaxing.” Carrie insisted.

Opening her eyes and challenging Carrie, “ I am the boss of you for this whole weekend. So says my boss, that’d be you BTW. So chill! Please!”

“I know. This was my idea. But we’re going home tomorrow and I’ve figured out nothing. Nothing!” Carrie insisted.Legacy sighed, “ You aren’t supposed to figure it out. We are here so you can clear your head, not clutter it up.”

“I got fired! ” Carrie was allowing herself to get upset but Legacy wasn’t backing down.

“You weren’t…,” Legacy tried to argue before Carrie interrupted.

“Then what do you call it? ” Carrie was amping up.

Legacy, trying a bit of humor said,” It’s not like HR manhandled you and threw you out into the street with nothing but the plant and post-its from your desk. You’ve been around since Vo2 began. So they pulled you from the cover? That was bound to happen at some point anyway. They just needed to distance themselves after the lawsuit. It’ll all iron out.”

Carrie truly loved Legacy. They were best friends for so many reasons.One of them was definitely Legacy’s glass half full mentality but sometimes Carrie wondered if she was really that optimistic or if she purposely had her head up her ass so she didn’t have to deal with anything unpleasant. Carrie was sure that if they’d lived her version of reality for the past 10 years, they’d have starved.

“You’re missing the point, Legacy. I’m not on the cover, or page or page 34. or 67, or 119. 8 years ago I was 19 years old. It’s not just me they pulled, it’s my ads too and others are bound to follow.  They launched my brand and I launched them. Now I’m almost 31 and…”

Interrupting, because Legacy was always interrupting. “and that means what, exactly?”

“What it means is that I’m not 19 anymore. No, that’s not even it. I wouldn’t be 19 again, not for anything. It’s just that 12 years ago, I was on fire; their shining star. I’d give anything to feel that way again. What if this is it? My swan song!  When we all started on this thing,” she gestured back and forth,  “I was the next best thing and that meant someone else was fading into oblivion. If I don’t get ahead of this, I’ll be out with the trash.”

12 years ago, at the tender age of 19, Carrie had taken a chance on a start-up (and they had taken a chance on her).  VO2 was just a magazine at the time but had plans of branching out into the distribution of programs and products in the fitness industry. Carrie, fresh out of a failed reality TV show that, despite its failure, had created quite an audience through MySpace and the new Facebook. With a few home videos, fitness articles, and an adorable story of how she’d saved the life of her long-lost sister, she unintentionally built a following of nearly 600,000 people. With that Ace, she was able to retain control over her brand or more to the point, what her brand would become.

At 19, she was cute and by 25, she was a serious player in the fitness industry.The partnership with VO2, launched her DVD’s, books, and all of her products. They were the first for them in distribution. VO2 quickly began distributing internationally, in 4 different languages, and online. It worked out for everyone until she and Vo2 were both sued and they ran for hills. Never mind that she the suit was thrown out. Vo2 settled out of court and the only thing anyone would really remember is that someone’s wife and mother died during her #LGN (Look Good Naked) 30 program.

Legacy continued to try and talk her off the ledge.“You built…,” clearing her throat, “WE, you, me, and David built your brand from nothing. We can do it again. Your interview will air tonight and clear it all up. You’ll see. You are a name, and a face, and my best friend. I’ll remind you again, that we took your 15 minutes of fame and built an empire. You’ll write your own ticket to wherever you want to go but first, you have to decompress. Stop and smell the lemon, verbena, lavender aroma stuff.”

“I hope you’re right.,” still with the drama but calming down considerably, “We’ll know soon enough if I’ve been discredited to the point of extinction.”

“Shut up, Caroline!”


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