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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 25 ~ I Don’t Eat Waffles

Carrie went in search of her friends and found them pretty quickly.  Legacy kept spying on the auction of the dress Carrie was wearing.  There had been a 4-way duel  and it was now down to 2 women, in a showdown  over one dress.  The highest bid was up to $3127.  The only thing she’d ever sold for more than that was a wedding gown, and that had been a bridezilla nightmare.  She tugged David along, getting him drunk, but he was still moody.  Carrie found them both, not far from where she’d just been with Nathan.

“Hi, friends! Having fun?” she asked, cheery.

David swiveled his head around like an owl.  Dr. Nate was nowhere in sight. “Hey, sexy.  Where’s your friend?”

He did his best to disguise how perturbed he was over being ditched for Nate.  She didn’t notice at all.

“Oh, he left,”  she remarked, shrugging casually as if it didn’t matter.  Legacy raised her eyebrows inquisitively at Carrie but decided it was best to leave it alone, for now.  Details would follow.  Carrie did her best to hide a smile.

“Good,” David said.  “Sorry, what I mean is you, me, karaoke, now!”

“No, You, me, her,” she pointed at Legacy, “alcohol now, then karaoke.”

It was a favorite activity for all of them but David was the only one of the 3 who could remotely carry a tune.  The application of small amounts of alcohol was very useful.  They headed back to the bar, where the lines were a little shorter, but not by much.  It didn’t matter.  They were all there together like nothing had ever happened, commenting on the party, the money being raised, the famous-ish people there (besides themselves), what people were wearing, the crazy way they were dancing, and generally catching up on the last several weeks that they’d been on hiatus.  David had even pleasantly asked about Jay, who Carrie had totally forgotten about until he was mentioned.  She never said a word about Nathan.

They drank, they sang.  David and Legacy did their best Johnny and June – it sucked.  And, as the crowd thinned, making more room to move around, they danced until their feet throbbed and their jaws hurt from laughing.  The auction over, Carrie reluctantly had to relinquish the dress to the highest bidder which had topped out at $4111.  Legacy was over the moon.  They were discussing where to grab something to eat after the girls changed their clothes, She was reaching over to pick up her clutch we he stepped up beside her.

“Hi,.”  It was Nathan, back in his dress pants and shirt, holding his jacket. The tie had been stuffed into a pocket.  “I was hoping you’d still be here.”

David rolled his eyes and stomped off.  Legacy let him but she stayed near.  She couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on.

“That was pretty quick.  Anxiety attack?” she asked.

“No, cardiomyopathy but anxiety induced, likely.” he noted.

“Mmmm, broken heart syndrome,” she said as if she had any idea what she was talking about.

“How did you know that? ” he asked puzzled.

“My babysitter used to watch General Hospital.”

“Ah, well, I should have taken you with me,” he teased.  “Sounds like you’re well qualified, and I was short handed.”  he paused, looking around at the emptying room.  “I guess it’s too late for that drink.”

“Yeah, you missed the last call maybe 20 minutes ago.” she pointed toward the bars that were packing up.

“Are you hungry?  There is a place right at the corner that makes the world’s best waffles…”  he was nothing if he wasn’t determined.

“I don’t eat waffles,” she informed him.

Disappointed, he said, “oh, um okay, well…”

“I like coffee, she interrupted.  He grinned broadly.

Legacy backed into her and hip checked her really hard.   “Ow,” she shot a look at her friend, returning quickly to Nathan.

“They have really….uh adequate coffee.” he laughed and scratched his head at the lousy selling point.

“Really adequate?” she poked at him.

“Extra adequate.” he nodded with a cute little grin.

“Okay, then.  I’m in.  Give me one second,” She smiled the sweetest smile and sighed, gliding over to where Legacy was pretending not to listen.

Before Carrie could say a word, Legacy attacked,” Are you nuts?  You can’t walk out of here with a guy you just met, even one that looks like that.”  She looked Nathan up and down.  He visibly squirmed.

“You would.,” Carrie challenged her, “Besides, everyone in the place saw me with him tonight.  It’s fine.  I’m going.  Legacy, I like him.”  She whispered the last part so he couldn’t hear.

“Fine, just as long as you share your location… here just give me your phone,”  She snatched Carrie’s phone from her clutch without waiting for permission, grabbing Carrie’s hand to use her thumbprint to unlock it, she enabled the tracking. “Just in case.  Please.”

“Fine, Happy?”  Carrie glared at her. Legacy gave Nathan the once over, winking at him.  Then to Carrie, she said, “Very!”

“Will you wait for me? ”  She asked him.  “I have to change.  This dress was an auction item and I have to hand it over so it can be delivered to his new owner.”

“Bummer,” was all he said tilting his head.  He meant it.  She looked like an angel.  He blushed when he realized he’d been caught admiring her.  “Yes, I’ll wait.”  he agreed finally.

Back in the ladies room, Legacy helped Carrie out of the buttercream gown and helped her step into a wine colored lace sheath dress, also her design.  “Just so you know, David is pissed.”

“He is?”

“Not that you should care.  He’s butt-hurt from watching you have eye-sex with Dr. Hottie all evening.  I’ll probably have to listen to him whimper the rest of the night.”

“I’m sorry,” Carrie winced at the thought of her friend taking the hit on her account.

“You like this guy, huh?”

“God, I know, it’s…” She covered her face with her hands and did a little foot stomping dance in place kind of move.  “I can’t explain…he’s just…”

Legacy hugged her.  “Don’t, I’ve got crybaby David taken care of.”

“You’re the best.”

“Yes, I am.  You can repay me by calling me first thing in the morning with a full report.  Carrie lead the way out of the bathroom and headed out.  Legacy smacked her on the butt.  “Go get ’em”

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