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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 23 ~ David is Sulking

“What are you looking at?,” Legacy was punching David’s shoulder.  She’d asked him about a check she saw someone hand him, a donation for Living Legends; she was curious to know how much.  It wasn’t hers, but big checks were still fun to look at.

“What?” he barked, sounding annoyed.  “Nothing…him, her.  Her throwing herself at him.  She’s better than that.”

“No, she isn’t.  Throwing herself I mean.  She is better than that, I’m not,” she laughed looking over at the hot guy she’d been flirting with until David had sucked all the fun out of the room.  “Leave her alone,” she insisted rolling her eyes at David.

“Fine,” David growled and they both looked over when Carrie’s infectious laugh cut through the room.  She and ‘Dr. Nate’ were standing near one of the bars, waiting in line. “Oh, Dr. Nate, you’re so funny, and smart, I bet you workout,” David whined, mocking them.

“DON’T be an ass.  She not here with you because of well, you.  You did this, leave it alone.”

They’d all been friends for 12 years, since right after David and Carrie had met on their sucky little reality show, but Legacy and Carrie had been BFFs since middle school.  She’d been stuck in the middle of this fiasco but if it came time to take sides, she was Team Carrie all the way.  She thought that David and Carrie were better off as friends and business partners.  It was hard to see him hurt but a taste of his own medicine was, well… She started to think, just what the doctor ordered but that was too cruel, even in her own head.

‘What are you smirking about?”  David caught her amused at her own wit.

“Did it occur to you, that she’s just trying to punish you?”  Legacy wondered out loud.

“You think?”  Was it dumb that that made him feel better?  Dr. Nate was a quality guy or he seemed like it.  He was a surgeon , though, probably full of himself, banging the nurses in the on-call room like they did on the stupid medical dramas  Carrie and Legacy watched.

“Forget about them.  He’s a brainy doctor type. She’ll have her fun but they won’t have anything in common an hour from now.”  Legacy assured him.

Carrie laughed again, her hand on his arm as they abandoned the line and opted for a quieter part of the room.


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