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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 17 ~ Moving On

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

The next few weeks flew by in a blur.  Carrie had interviewed several potential assistants before deciding that she really enjoyed the privacy of not having someone in and out of her apartment at all hours and all up in her business.  She was definitely having trust issues.   She instead, hired a liaison to help coordinate the turn-over of her assets from VO2 to a new call center in Delaware that would handle all of the fulfillment as soon as she re-launched. It was a lot to manage and there would be more to deal with in the coming weeks.

Someone would have to handle design and media, production, contracts, etc.  David was responsible for overseeing those sorts of things and they’d passed paperwork and agreements via email and couriers.  Taking on employees was a new kind of stress but it was thrilling in its own way.  The activity was good, considering she did promise to fit into the gown Legacy had designed.  Running around basically reestablishing her company along with the 2-a-day workouts she was putting in, she’d be more than ready.  She was meeting with Legacy that afternoon for one final fitting, just 2 days before the Donor Prom. She stood on a chair in her kitchen while Legacy crouched, pins in her mouth taking up the hem.

“Mib you defide who yer takin?”  Legacy did her best with a mouthful of straight pins.

“It’s scary that understood you.  And, I’m not taking anyone.”  Carrie stated.

The news of her break-up with David was fairly quiet, at least as far as the public was concerned.  They didn’t make any internet waves, nothing that lasted more than a day anyway, but her agents and managers were friends with other agents and managers and they all liked the waves that crashed when their kinda famous clients rubbed elbows with kinda more famous other clients.  She was officially single for two days when her phone began to ring.  She’d been on several dates, mostly nice people; an up and coming photographer, a way out of her league rock star who’d ditched her after 20 minutes when she had made it clear that their date would not continue on through breakfast, 1 vapid model, 1 very smart model, her manager’s cousin, and a finally, a center for the New York Rangers.  His name was Jay Hlasnik, though Jay was a nickname for something she couldn’t pronounce. He was younger than she was by several years, adorable, and very sweet.

She liked him and he showered her with attention.  It was great but she knew how it would go.  They’d been on four dates on the last of which, he’d mentioned going away together for the weekend.  There was nothing wrong with him that she could tell, nothing particular, but she knew she was not going to sleep with him and as soon as they had that conversation, their relationship had a shelf-life.  She had decided, only that morning, not to invite him to the Donor Prom as her date.  It was not his world and it was always a really fun night for her and her friends.  She didn’t want to have to entertain him all evening and truthfully, she wanted to freedom to let the night unfold at will.  Plus, she had extended an invite to David.  Not that it was her party to extend such an invitation but he loved the event, nearly as much as she did.  He’d been with her from the beginning and it mattered a lot to him.  Also, she was pretty sure that Jay had a game that night, so it was a non-issue.

“How’s it going, with Jay I mean?”  Legacy asked.

“It’s fine, but to be honest, I’m ready to take a dating break.  I have an empire to build.”

“You are just afraid to get close to someone.” Legacy accused.

“Hello,” Carrie mimed picking up a fake telephone, “Is this the kettle, um yeah, this it the pot calling.  How ya been?  BT dubs, you’re black, K bye!”  Carrie laughed at her own cleverness and Legacy stuck out her tongue.

“Our parents had it way easier.”  Legacy complained.

“I think everyone thinks their parents had it easier.  We just have more choices, which is good but it makes the fairytale seem impossible.”

“Well, speaking of fairytales…turn around Princess.”  Legacy proudly commanded.

Carrie turned on the chair to face the full-length mirror they had dragged into the kitchen.  The dress was finished, at least it looked finished with all of the pins in the right spots.  The dress was a piece of art.  It fit over her hips and across her upper body perfectly.  A soft yellow color, so delicate and it appeared somehow to defy gravity and just float over her skin.  The midsection was completely open.  Usually, Carrie did whatever it took to hide her scar.  I had  faded over the years and was barely noticeable but this one night of the year, she wanted it on display.

“It’s perfect. And you are a genius.”

Legacy, who almost always had a sarcastic remark, just looked pleased.  “Do you have your speech ready?”

“It’s not a speech, just an introduction, and yeah.  I pretty much know what I want to say.   I can do this in my sleep.”  Carrie declared confidently.

“We’ll I say you stay up on that stage for as long as possible.  Entertain us, in case, your guy is as boring as he was last year.  Also, the longer you stand up there, the longer everyone will get to admire my masterpiece.”  Legacy smirked and shrugged a shoulder.

“I like how you think.  Anyway, it’s not the same guy from last year.  It’s some bad-ass heart surgeon.  That reminds me, I was going to look him up, make sure I say his name right.”  Carrie started mentally going through her to-do list.

“Well, hopefully, it’s easier than ‘Hlasnik.’” Legacy coughed up Jay’s name like she was hacking up a lung.

Carrie snickered as Legacy carefully helped her step out of the dress.  “No, it starts with a “D” and has vowels and everything.  I have it in an email somewhere.  I need to remember to do that today.  Oh, and I have hair and make-up coming here a 2 o’clock so bring your dress here and we can get ready together.”

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