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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 14 ~ Brothers and Sisters Part 2

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

“Ha, bonus card,” said Kevin and moved his game piece to the space marked Nate.  They’d moved their party to the back porch after dinner.  The boys were downing a bucket of beers while Erin, sipped an orange juice.

“Oh, ha ha.  Ok,” Kevin continued, “Imaginiff Nate were going on a first date.  What would be the plan?  1. Dinner and a fancy restaurant and the symphony.  2. Hot dogs, drinks, and a ball game.  3. Stay in, order Chinese food and rent Sleepless in Seattle, 4. Miniature golf and the mall food court 5. Moonlit horseback ride down the beach, or 6. Bail after 10 minutes.”

“What’s a date? ” Nate joked.

“Shhh, I’m thinking.,” Erin demanded

“It’s not that hard,” Ethan said smugly.

“So says Thing 1,” Kevin said sounding just the tiniest bit jealous. “You ready?”

Everyone held up the number 5 except Nathan who raised  number 1.

“What?  No friggin way.,” Nate protested.  He picked up the card again to reread the questions.  “Really?”

“Sorry, Nay,  You’re the hopeless romantic just waiting for a muse.  We all know it.” Erin insisted.

“I am not.  Dinner, maybe not the symphony on a first date; I’m way more classy than hot dogs.  But moonlit beach?  ”  Nate continued.  “Also, what girl would go on a first date to the beach, with someone she doesn’t know, where it’s dark…not very safe.  I couldn’t fall for that girl”

“Okay, Dr. Responsible…” Erin teased.

“Speaking of…,” Kevin interrupted.  “When are you going to get a new girlfriend?”

“Roll, Kev, it’s still your turn and he’ll get a girlfriend when he meets one that hasn’t hooked up with you?” Ethan remarked.

“Oh damn, I’m going to have to move upstate, way upstate for that.” Nate fake punched Kevin in the shoulder.

“Watch out, you don’t want to hurt that million-dollar hand little brother.”

“It’d be worth it to crack your buck and a quarter face”

“You’re just jealous you two aren’t as pretty as me.   It was true.  The twins were cute, even nerdy-hot.  But Kevin, had won the genetic lottery with his square jaw and and deep hazel eyes.   “Hmmm, can you imagine two of my pretty faces?  Not my fault I got game,  yo.”  Emphasizing the word ‘yo’ by brandishing his own made up gang sign.

“Don’t do that again.” Nate laughed, grinning and shaking his head.

“I got the last good one.’” Ethan suddenly interjected. “ You guys are screwed.”

“Yeah, screwed, is sort of the general idea,” Kevin said, slapping a high five with Nate who played along.

Erin stood, waving her finger at all three of her brothers and taking them completely off guard.  “You just wait,” she was animated.   “It’ll hit you out of nowhere.  She’ll be at the grocery store or getting coffee or, whatever.  You’ll see her and that’ll be it.  All three of you will be screwed.  Mark my words.”

She pointed a finger at Ethan, “You think you’re done.”

And then at Kevin, ”You, I don’t know what you are but you are going to get hit upside the head by some pretty thing that calls you on your crap – and you’ll be better for it.”

And finally turning on Nate, “And you, Mr. ‘I’m-Married-To-My-Work’  Yes, I know what happened with Amy- You are the best of us little brother and she is going to find you no matter how hard you try to tuck yourself into your O.R. and hide.  So…” she paused breathless, “So there.”

“You might be right.  But can I say  one thing?,” Nate asked quietly a sly smile spreading across his face.

“What?,” Erin asked, still serious.

It’s Doctor, if you don’t mind.  Dr. Married-To-My-Work, not Mr!”

She grabbed a piece of ice and flung it at him, hitting him in the forehead for the second time that evening.

Laughing, Kevin chimed in.  “Okay, time for another beer. He reached for and hands beers to his brothers and then opens a beer of his own.  “Okay, a toast.”

“Oh, this should be good,” Nate whispers to Ethan, expecting something crass.

Kevin smiled, lifted his beer, and paused as if he was about to say something very clever.  He took a deep breath and the thought ‘Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women’ crossed his mind but instead he simply said, “To Brooke.” and sent Ethan a wink.

“To Brooke,” They all said.

“Okay, Erin,” Kevin, quickly recovering before anyone could accuse him of having feelings, picked up another card.  “Imaginiff Erin were a 1970’s movie…”

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