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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 12 ~ “That’s what Spanx are for.”

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about this?” Legacy sat on the floor of her studio studying a mark on the floor. This was bad. She knew it was bad because Carrie was quiet. She’d been quiet the whole way over to get measured for her dress.

“Nope.” Carrie was calm or, at least, she sounded pretty cool. She was standing in the middle of the room, stripped down to her underwear, staring into the mirror. A seamstress named Daniella was taking her measurements.

“Nope,” Carrie said again, directing her attention, finally, at Legacy. “I’m fine, for real. Lindsay is fired but, whatevs, right?”

She bore through the mirror, her eyes fixed until they were out of focus. Angry tears threatened to well up but she willed them back.

“You know,” she piped up with a fake cheeriness, “in twelve years, I never actually got a good look at his ass. Seen him with his shirt off tons of time but not that butt. He’s built like a Thoroughbred, that’s what they call those muscley horses, right?”

“What?” Legacy asked with some confusion and a lot of irritation.

“Nothing,” Carrie began.

“Waist 27,” Daniella interjected, not really speaking to anyone but herself.

“No,” Carrie guffawed, “my waist is 25.5.” She smiled sweetly but spoke through her teeth, “Do it again.”

Slightly ruffled,  Daniella tried again, this time looking to Legacy for backup. “26.75?”

“There’s no way,” Carrie started. Legacy nodded at Daniella.

“No, huh-uh,” Carrie started. “How? …No. Write down 26!” She turned to face herself full on in the mirror, running her hands down her sides, over her midsection and tracing the huge scar that intersected her abdomen. Turning back to Daniella, who more or less just wanted to do her job and leave, Carrie barked, “It’s all this stress.  I got sued,” she shrugged.  “Look at me. How did I let this sneak up on me?”

Legacy, doing her best to chill her out said, “Carrie, it’s not that big a deal.”

“26, that’s the highest I’ll go,” Carrie said as if they were making a deal. “I have almost 4 weeks, I’ll get there or I won’t.  That’s what Spanx are for.”

“No, you won’t. This dress is too revealing and besides, you told me those things are bad for your organs or something. You’ll crush what’s left of your liver.” Legacy was really the only one who’d ever get away with challenging her like this, especially now that David was, well, whatever he was now.

Angrily, Carrie growled,”Why do you have to say it like that? You make me sound I drink too much.” And then to a mortified Daniella, “It grows back.” The woman nodded, more afraid than anything.

“Okay,” she said. “It does. I have a liver.” She traced the scar again, whispering to herself, “ A whole liver and a cold, cold heart.”

Sighing, she dropped her head into her hands, running her fingers through her hair and once more, she shook the tears away.

“I’m gonna go. I want to go for a run. I’ll call you later.” She started to stomp towards the door then turned to Legacy. “The dress is going to be beautiful. Thank you.” She smiled weakly and walked out.

Legacy picked up her phone and started to dial David’s number. They’d all been friends for twelve years, not to mention business partners. This falling out or whatever it was, was going to affect all of them. Deciding that she didn’t really want to speak to David just yet, Legacy opted to send just 4 words in a text. YOU’D BETTER FIX THIS.


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