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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 11 ~ I’m thinking you’re kinda fired!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Carrie hung up the phone and turned her attention right back to the amazing dress she would wear a few weeks from now.  The Donor Prom was a huge event and she looked forward to it every year.  Carrie and friends went every year and this year, she had been invited to kick off the event and introduce the keynote speaker.  She couldn’t wait!  They’d held it every year for the last 20 years or so.  The best part of the night, besides the donor families and recipients getting to meet, which was pretty emotional, was the fact that it was a closed event.  There would be tons of photos post event but for the privacy of the families, there would be no press.  No press meant a night to cut loose with her friends.

They drained the last of the mimosas, paid the check, and were loaded into a cab, bags in tow within minutes. “I have the perfect shoes to wear with my amazing dress but I left them at home,” said Carrie.

“We have time.  Let’s swing by and grab them.  You can give Lindsey her present and I can sign the card and pretend I remembered too before she jets off to where again?” Legacy asked.

“North Dakota.”

“Ah, Right, North Dakota,” Legacy remarked in her best Canadian accent, “that’s in Canada right?”

“Yeah, I think so, “Carrie laughed, snorting.  “I want to give my food time to settle anyway.  I feel stuffed.”

“Yeah, I bet you’re stuffed from the bite of breakfast you almost ate.  What did we get Lindsey for her birthday, anyway?”  Legacy mocked her.

We got her a new Kate Spade she’s had her eye on and a bracelet.”

“Nice!  We are so thoughtful.” The girls took a cab the few blocks to Carrie’s apartment.  Ordinarily, they’d have walked but they had really indulged in the shopping.  They took the elevator up to her floor and piled out encumbered with bags. The door to the apartment was unlocked, which was a little strange, but Lindsay was probably still there.  Carrie made a mental note to mention it after Lindsay got back from her trip. The building was pretty secure but you could never be to careful.

Legacy and Carrie entered the apartment quietly.  The Kate Spade bag was sitting on a long table in the entry, with the wrapping still scattered around it. A  strange thumping sound was coming from the master bedroom.  Carrie scrunched up her nose at Legacy. 

“What is that?”  She whispered.  Her question was immediately answered with a soft moan, and another, more thumping, and a grunt.

“Oh, my God!  She’s totally getting it on in your house.”  Legacy said,  still whispering.

“No, she isn’t.  No one really sounds like that,” Carrie insisted.  “wait, do they.”

Legacy rolled her eyes and they tip-toed to the door.  Carrie pushed the door, just a crack, and peeked in.  Her heart instantly leaped into her throat and her vision narrowed like it does right before you pass out. 

Legacy tugged at her sleeve, “Let’s go,” she begged.  Carrie didn’t hear.

There was Lindsay perched on the edge of the bed, her thin legs reaching for each corner or the bed frame and a naked David thrusting himself into her.  Carrie would later come to regret standing there, watching like some creepy voyeur.  It was like she couldn’t move or breathe.  She forgot, momentarily, who or what she was watching. 

Carrie was captivated!

Lindsay’s eyes were closed tight, her mouth open in a silent scream leaning back on her hands, she arched her back, rocking and inching herself towards David.  Lindsay made a whimpering sound that quickly became a loud cry, pulling Carrie out of her stupor.  Oh, shit!  She bolted for the front door, grabbing her purse on the way, flung it open and slammed it shut, leaving Legacy standing in the foyer.  Hearing the noise, David ran out of the bedroom with a sheet around his waist.

“Oh, good one.” Legacy chastised, “Real, smart.”

Lindsay entered the room with her dress pulled on backwards.  “Oh, no.!”

Legacy glared at David then quickly directed her anger at Lindsay, ”So, I’m thinking you’re kind of fired.”

David looked as if he was going to say something, make some excuse but Legacy held up her hand.  “It’s better if you don’t”  she turned to leave, noticing the Kate Spade. 

“Ooh, pretty.”  She grabbed the bag and left muttering, not so under her breath, “Happy Birthday, Bitch.” and slammed the door.

“Carrie, wait…” She ran to the elevator, just barely catching the friend before the door closed.

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