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  • Jenifer Jett

Episode 10 ~ It’s about to get Messy

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Carrie, who was already being seated dropped her bags and shuffled over to her friend.  Grabbing Legacy by the elbow, she pushed her to their booth.  She briefly looked over her shoulder and shrugging her shoulders, directed a weak, embarrassed smile at the men. Nate raised his eyebrows and gave a quick, half smile at the girl and directed his attention back to Ethan.

”Okay, enough with the suspense. ” Carrie demanded.They’d spent the last hour knocking back bottomless mimosas, barely eating, and laughing hysterically at everything, basically channeling their 13-year-old selves.

”Alright, here it is.  I’m nervous,” said Legacy.  She pulled a small leather folio from her bag, closed her eyes and slammed the book opened in front of Carrie.

”Oh,” Carrie squealed, the mimosas magnifying her voice.  ”It’s, wow, oh, God.  This might be your best ever.”  Several diners turned to look, including the sexy, matched set but she didn’t notice.

On the page in front of her was the sketch of a gown.  Long and sleek with a scoped neckline and a large keyhole cutaway on the left side of the midsection.  Attached to the page was a swatch of buttercream satin.  Carrie lingered with her hand over her mouth but finally tore her eyes away.

”You really like it ?,” Legacy asked with expectation.

”It’s amazing.  It’s elegant, it’s sexy and, shows off all the right…parts,” Carrie said coyly, touching the open side that would show off her mid-drift.

Legacy sighed, relieved.  She’d thrown away so many sketches and this one had been her favorite too.  One day, Bergdorf’s would call, she was sure of it.  Until then, a more ”grassroots” approach to getting her designs seen was what she had.  Carrie had over a million Instagram followers and this event would be seriously ”hashtagged.”   Carrie would be the queen of the prom and with any luck, someone important would finally see her work.

”I want to keep it forever and get married in it !” said Carrie.

”I’ll make you another one, in…um white perhaps,” Legacy chuckled.

Carrie’s phone rang interrupting their sparring.  Carrie stuck her tongue out at her bestie and answered the phone.

”Hi, Lindsay.”

Lindsay, Carrie’s assistant was letting herself into Carrie’s apartment balancing mail, dry cleaning, and small box.  Behind her, David walked in carrying a slightly larger box and set it on the smooth concrete dining table.

”I’m just checking in.  I was hoping you remembered I was leaving today.  Is there anything you need before I go?”

“Nope, just have a great trip home.  Oh wait, I left a birthday gift for you.  It’s in the guest room closet.  I’m glad I had it wrapped.  I have a fitting to get to and I don’t think I’ll get by to see you before you go.  You’ll know it when you see it.,”  Carrie insisted.  She really depended on Lindsay, especially the last few months.  She was good to everyone that worked for her but especially the person that basically ran her life.

”You didn’t have to get me anything,” Lindsay said sounding embarrassed.

Legacy grabbed the phone and shouted into it, ”It makes her happy, get out of town.”

Lindsay kicked off her shoes and took the small box into the guest room.  She was followed by a suddenly, nearly naked David who grabbed her around the middle.  She squirmed and put her fingers to her lips to silence him.

”Okay, well, I’ll see you when I get back.  Thanks, Carrie… for the time off”

”Yep, just have fun.  Bye.”

They hung up and Lindsay turned and swatted David’s muscular chest.  Diving in,  he nibbled her neck causing her to squeal and then whimper.

”You’re gonna get me fired.”  she whispered.

He answered her with a firm mouth to her lips while he expertly unfastened the buttons down the back of her dress.

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