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Hey hey all! Welcome to our shindig into all things coaching! I'm are so excited you are here! There is no better time to do this than NOW!  With the pandemic, the world changed forever.  While sadly, other businesses were impacted negatively, our business saw an enormous jump in subscribers.  Some were people who'd been displaced from their gyms and others were new to the workout world but who decided to use their quarantine time to better their lives.  Others were people like you who came aboard to make an impact in the lives of others AND make an income at the same time. 

You are in the right place!

Here's what I want you to do:

1. Watch the videos below!

2. Check out the photos to see what this community of women is all about!

3. Keep an open mind. 

Tip: LISTEN to these videos while you cook, clean, drive, do your makeup, etc.!  Don’t feel like you have to be super focused on watching each video, you can just listen while you’re in carpool line or on your way to work. If you’re really ready to crush this business and make a change, go ahead and binge watch the videos and we can get you started ASAP! (p.s. that’s what our most successful coaches have done)!

A quick overview of all we do and how this works!

Income Projections

Due to compliance issues, I'm not permitted to publish income or income projections!  I can however have these conversations one to one.  What I can tell you is that women like me and like you - women I do life with everyday are exceeding there goals with this opportunity.  Everyone has different goals on how much they want to work and how much they want to earn.

I will tell you that I moved into my dream apartment this past year, a place I had on my vision board forever and purchased a new car.

Other women on our team are building their dream homes, taking vacations, bringing their spouses home from jobs they don't like, paying for dance classes, staying home and homeschooling their kids, paying down debt, saving for college, and getting in shape while we do it!  There are several 6 figure earners on our team and many more making enough in the 5 figures to do this full-time.  

There is nothing unique about any of us.  We had a vision on what we wanted our lives to look like and made the decision to get started.

Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

How We Earn

Common Objections

When talking with potential coaches and team members, some common questions and objections come up. These are the same questions and concerns I had before I got started so let's dive in.


1) Lack of time.  This is the big one.  You definitely have to devote some time to growing this business.  The amount of time has everything to do with how much you want to make and how good you are at following directions.  We'll show you what to do.  If you can follow a plan then you'll be able to maximize your time.  What finally got me involved was the realization that I was never going to have any more time until I owned my own time.  Running a business from home puts you in charge of your own time.  


2) Don’t want to be part of a pyramid scheme/be salesy.  This was a huge one for me.  Pyramids are illegal so when people ask this question, they really are referring to the structure of  network marketing.  Network marketing maximizes our efforts when we work together and benefit from each other's success.   This business is not a transactional business like some that rely heavily on product sales.  There are no minumums, we don't keep inventory, but most importantly, our success is built on service and supporting others in their fitness journeys.

3) Not in good enough shape/fitness background.  Most people in this business got started with a fitness or health goal of their own.  Your business is built 

Unsupportive spouse; won’t be good at it.


I'll be honest, the Community is what drew me in as much as the $$$.  I knew I wanted to create a side-hustle; one that was on brand with what I'm already doing, but the bigger truth was that as I watched these women from the sidelines, I craved what they had.  

We are all over the country but the connections are deep and have gotten me through some pretty tough stuff.  When I made the decision to leave the business I had built over the course of 9 years and separate from some relationships that were hurting me, this group was here.  I'd like to think that i would have made to hard choices anyway but having a support system like this one, definitely sped things along.  

We are not perfect.  We are hot messes a lot of the time.  We've failed... a lot.  We have failed relationships, failed businesses, failed diets.  We've battled health issues, infertility, and lost loved ones.  

We are corporate execs, Pilates Instructors, Stay at Home Mom’s, Business Owners, Marketing Execs, Writers, Physical Therapists, Attorneys, Actors, Teachers and so on. We truly are all ages, shapes, sizes, walks of life, etc.

Wrap Up - replace video with my own

Reserve Your Spot

 So, hopefully you're feeling excited but if you're feeling scared, that's okay too.  Starting your own business, even with the amount of support you'll be receiving is still BIG! But, if you re ready to push past the fear like I (finally) did and really truly pursue a life of freedom then fill out the application below.  We'll set up a zero pressure, virtual coffee (or wine) date and see if there is a fit.

Then, I'll get you enrolled into the first available coach's training and a fitness program of your own!!

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