These are super unpredictable times a I feel like we all are trying to find a way to stay connected and to be of value to one another while we are socially distancing.  Times like this call on us to step up like we maybe haven't before.  A few weeks ago, life was normal and now it's anything but... 


I saw a post from Dave Hollis earlier today and the quote was this:


"In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to."

The gravity of what is happening around us is not lost on me.  People are sick and some of them are dying.  While many of us are going stark raving mad being shut in at home, others are literally on the front lines and doing anything but maintaining a 6 foot distance because they are busy caring for the sick, driving a truck to make sure the stores stay as stocked as possible, ringing up our groceries - these are only a few examples.  Those of us "stuck' at home are the lucky ones.

The beauty in all of this, if we choose to look for it, is that we as a global community, get to grow through the process. We must learn to navigate new paths and begin to think differently.

Is it disruptive? You bet it is!  Is it inconvenient?  Totally!  

We need to serve as each other's reminders that this is temporary - most of it anyway.   We are amazingly strong.  We are loved and everything that we are feeling right now is okay to feel.  We will get through this.

I've been wracking my brain on exactly what my role is in all of this and decided that I could contribute on several levels.   Starting tomorrow, you can jump in to preview 7 full length workouts for a full 30 days in our private group Quarantoned: Together in Spirit.  This group will run exactly like my paid groups with daily check-ins, recipes, personal development, & a few bonus Virtual Girl's Nights via Zoom call.  

We get to choose the outcome that we want to experience 6 months from now.  So much of what is happening is completely out of our control how we choose to show up for ourselves is not.  We may have to get creative but that what it is to be human - we are resilient, innovative, and adaptable.

Let's use this time to step into our healthiest and most fit selves, to learn new skills, practice great habits, and manage our mindsets and thoughts.  We have an opportunity to build stronger connections with the people in our lives, even if we can't physically be with them.  This time at home provides us with an open space to create more good in our lives and the lives of those we care for more than ever.  We will focus on what we can control and choose thoughts that serve us.  Because NOT all of this is bad.

There is no cost for this for 30 Days & Zero obligation to continue in any way.   To join me, just request to join our FREE online group.  You also have the option of fill in the following application.  This is the same application I use for my paid groups.  I'll use the information you share to customize our group activities, menus, etc.  This is not required but it will help me to get to know you a little better.  EVERYONE who asks is APPROVED.


Our time in the weeks and months ahead can be spent in lots of ways.  Some days, a little regrouping on the couch with Netflix and quarantine snacks will be necessary but too many days like this will add up to some very unwanted consequences.  More than ever, our health is more important than ever.  The ability to fight disease, both in the short term and long term, is supported by a healthy lifestyle.  It's my goal to pay it forward and offer a few solutions.  


Team Quarantine


Photo Credit: James Radcliffe / Tandem Media