• A year membership to Beachbody on Demand! This gives you digital access to stream over 1000+ workouts & over 75+ complete programs with calendars start to finish. Do them from home or the gym or anywhere you have WiFi (just like Netflix for your fitness & nutrition)

  • Lifetime access to our two premium nutrition programs created by nutritionists and registered dietitians to educate and empower you to make healthier lifestyle choices that are sustainable

  • Your first month of Superfoods and nutritional supplements to help fill in the gaps of our nutrition and help our bodies perform optimally

  • Learn how to overcome emotional eating and eat proper portions of every food group 

  • Learn how to meal prep in a simple way that works for you and your family

  • Access to a private app and online community to track your progress and log your workouts and get support and accountability on a daily basis (we are better together!)

  • Committing to goals by discovering your WHY.

  • Why and how to lean on a community when you are making changes in your life. 

  • Removing the STRESS and overwhelm that comes with eating healthier.

  • The MINDSET shift needed to make healthier decisions your DEFAULT.


1) 3-Day Refresh Kit to jump start the detox!

What makes this so DIFFERENT than anything you have tried before is that you’re NOT alone in your journey. You WILL have support and accountability to help you reach your goals.



Do you remember that old saying, "You are what you eat"?  It's cliché but it happens to be true.  Everything we put into our bodies, goes through our digestive system and literally becomes the building material for new cells.  What those new cells are made of, is entirely up to us.  When we consume higher quality foods and place an emphasis on balanced nutrition, we reap the benefits long term.  Unhealthy food gives way to unhealthy cells that will then continue to replicate and wreck havoc long after the drive thru food is gone.  All is not lost though.  The damage can be reversed and it begins with developing new habits and discovering that eating healthy can be affordable and tasty!

Here are the two nutrition programs you have to choose from when you join My Virtual Studio and start getting fit with Jett Set Fit.  When you join, you get lifetime access to both of these programs whether you continue your membership after the first year or not.  These two programs alone are worth the investment you'll be making.