Who Are You Becoming?

Before we even talk about getting in shape or losing weight, we have to talk about who you are becoming.  No this is not about changing who you are but true transformation happens when we do the work of discovering (really, truly, honestly) who we are.  I’m amazed every day, through the work that we do, how women can show up for each other and in the process find that they themselves are pretty great humans.  What we do together is about so much more than weight loss.  Lots of diet programs can help you take of the weight but permanent results require a focus on the whole person.  After all, what good are a pair of skinny jeans if you don’t love the person wearing them?  That is the work that we do.


Before we start, there are 3 agreements that are Non-Negotiable:


  1. Forget the number on the scale.  Our focus is on how we feel in our bodies, how our clothes fit, and the energy we have to show up in the world.

  2. This is for the long haul.  If you are looking for a quick fix, you are in the wrong place.  My love language is Time and I don’t like mine wasted nor do I want to waste yours.  Quick fixers – you are released with so much love.  Buh bye.  Our work together is about shifting our mindset that result in a healthier, more fit body and a deeper understanding of our needs and how we fit into our world.  Imagine a tighter butt AND stronger relationships.  That’s what’s happening here.

  3. Show up!  Without accountability, habit change is so much harder.  We make lifelong friendships in here because we share our vulnerabilities and our wins.  Trust this process.



You can join my virtual gym and workout in the comfort of your own home, take it to the gym, or when you travel.  Minimal to no equipment is needed.

Go from Employee to Empire with this crew!

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Do any of these scenarios describe you?

  • Do you dream of starting a business in health and fitness?

  • Or maybe you are a health or fitness professional already, struggling to keep your traditional business afloat (or just burnt out from working 75 hours a week)

  • Could you use some accountability in your own fitness journey?

  • Do you lack purpose (or $) in your current job?

  • Are you motivated to grow your own 6 figure business if only someone would show you the way?

  • Or perhaps just a few hundred dollars a month would relief some financial stress?

  • How about travel?  Would you like to go on fun trips and retreats with your besties?


I’ll be honest… I didn’t know I needed this…


When I first started my coaching business a few years ago, I got into it for the money and if I’m really honest, for the opportunity to be seen as an influencer in this industry.  I’d been working in the film industry, was burnt out, struggling financially, and dealing with the emotional fallout of a personal health crisis and the decision to leave a toxic environment.  I’d been through the ringer and was scrambling to grasp onto something that would help me financially but that would ultimately make me feel like myself again.  Having majored in Exercise Science, I was craving an opportunity to brush the dust off of those gifts.  I’d been watching these women on social media and this coaching thing was very compelling.  But was it too good to be true?


I did find what I was looking for but also gained a whole lot more than I’d ever expected.  This work has given me more focus, purpose, and the kind of deep, honest, and supportive friendships that I needed.  Yes, we work out.  Yes, we focus on what we eat and accountability but if that’s all this ever was, I wouldn’t still be here.  Growing as a human being and finally finding the confidence to step out into the world as the woman that I knew was trapped inside and learning the difference between fitting in and belonging have been greater gifts than an any dollar amount or number on the scale.  I get to have it all an so can you.

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